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Fake news, propaganda and manipulation are the axes of events in the recent period of Armenian politics. Due to the circumstances that nowadays there is no real platform for fact investigation, fabrication, the revelation of fake accounts, and separation between impartial media and political propaganda, "Civil Consciousness" and "Civil Solidarity" Liberal NGOs founded the AntiFake.am as an independent and impartial mass media, which objective is to inspect the facts and provide information on important issues of public significance.

Antifake.am will check the announcements and activities of the Prime Minister, Cabinet Members, Parliament members and other public figures of the Republic of Armenia, civil society members and mass media and will evaluate the validity and accuracy of the facts.

The website is available in three languages: Armenian, Russian and English.

The main objectives of AntiFake.am is

  • to help the society to reveal the thruth in the sphere of public policy,
  • to provide the society checked and accurate information,
  • to raise the accountability and transparency of public figures,
  • to promote the establishment of a fact-based activity in public policy.

AntiFake.am will provide fact-checked information on the following spheres:

  • Politics,
  • Foreign Policy
  • Economics
  • Society
  • Law
  • Artsakh

AntiFake.am will disclose unfulfilled promises, fake news, manipulations, propaganda, publicize rumours and check their reliability.

AntiFake.am will check the facts using official sources, interviews, reports, references, as well as responses from requests made via AntiFake.am.

AntiFake.am has two levels of facts assessment.

  • Promises of public figures are assessed on a special scale developed for them by the following estimates: "made," "in progress," "not clear," or "not fulfilled."
  • The reliability of the information is checked and evaluated with the following estimates: "right", "partly right", "not clear", "false".

AntiFake.am gives its readers the opportunity to send to the site staff important facts of public significance which will be checked and published on the site.

AntiFake.am does not rule out that there may be few inaccuracies that can be reported by our reader via e-mail.

AntiFake.am is funded by its readers' donations and other legitimate sources to maintain its independence and impartiality.

The AntiFake.am staff consists of young professionals who do not tolerate lies and manipulations.

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